Can I use Enumerated Fields while creating custom columns in reports?

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Enumerated fields (fields with a fixed set of values) can now be included in custom column calculations. These enumerated fields include All Status fields (such as a user’s Enabled status and Task Status), Billing Method, and Rate Type, among others. An enumerated field can only be used in custom columns for reports that include that field.

One possible use for including enumerated fields in custom columns is to display a calculation result for fields of a certain status only. For example, imagine you want a report to display the total billable amount for closed tasks only:

If Task Status is Open, then display 0. Otherwise, display the task’s billable hours multiplied by the billing rate.

This would translate into a custom formula as follows,


In custom columns, enumerated values must be entered using their integer equivalents. For example, Open must be entered as 0, Closed must be entered as 1.

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