Is it possible to setup client specific estimated hours and cost for a Bucket Method project?

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In Web TimeSheet, Estimated Hours can be setup for Projects, Tasks and Sub-Tasks. But, there may be scenarios wherein there are multiple Clients associated with a Project and the Estimated Hours of the project/tasks/sub-tasks may be different for each Client. Then, it becomes imperative to have estimated hours specific for each Client. Currently, this feature is not available in Web TimeSheet.

In order to have estimated hours specific to a Client, we need to setup Client-Specific Projects i.e., multiple Projects with just one Client associated with each. Then the Estimated Hours setup for the project/task/sub-task would be specific to the Client. If there are multiple Clients that have the same Estimated Hours for the Project and Tasks and Sub-Tasks, a single Project can be created with these Clients associated with the Project and with allocation set to Bucket method.

For example, if there are clients called A, B, C, D and Projects called 1,2,3,4 the setup would be as follows,

  • There would be projects created with names such as 1A,1B,1C, 1D,2A,2B,2C,2D,3A etc.

Note: These projects would have tasks and sub tasks with estimated hours. This will mean that project 1A would have estimated hours specific to client A.project 1B would have estimated hours specific to client B, project 1C would have estimated hours specific to client C and so on.
If Clients A and B have the same number of estimated hours for all tasks and sub tasks under project 1, then we can create a single project called Project 1AB and have A and B as clients with bucket method allocation.


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