It is not possible to restrict submission of timesheets after a particular date on a periodical basis. However, follow the steps given below to workaround this requirement:

  • Create a disclaimer for the timesheet letting the users know that timesheets that are not submitted before a particular date would be reviewed and approved automatically and editing of timesheet is not possible after approval.
  • To create disclaimer: Go to Administration > Communications > Disclaimers > Select Timesheet as the Disclaimer Type.
  • Ensure that Allow reopen of timesheet after approval is unchecked from the permission profile assigned to all the users who are not allowed to submit timesheets after a particular date.
  • Go to Administration > Permissions > Select and edit the permission profile assigned to the user > Ensure Allow reopen of timesheet after approval is unchecked under Timesheet permission.
  • Approve all the unsubmitted timeSheets for this period from Historical Timesheets.
  • Go to Administration > Historical Timesheets > Set Approval Status filter to Unsubmitted and select the appropriate Timesheet  Period and approve the timesheets.

Note: After the same users would not be able to submit or reopen the timesheets after a specific date for a timesheet period.

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