When there are users with the same First and Last names, Web TimeSheet automatically adds the login name in brackets to the User Name field while running reports. This is a default setting and cannot be changed within the application until you change the First or Last name of the duplicate reports.

You can use the custom column code given below to avoid Login being added to the User Name in reports.

if ((RIGHT((UserName),1) = ")"), if(((UserEnabled) = 1),(UserLastName + "," +UserFirstName),(UserLastName + "," +UserFirstName + "(" +"Disabled" + ")")),UserName)

This would create a column in the report where,

  • Login would be removed from users who are enabled but use the same First and Last name.
  • Disabled would be added to duplicate users with the same First and Last name, but who are disabled.

Note: To know more about custom columns, review the Related Items section in this solution below.

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