Time is entered within a TimeSheet and a Time report is ran to view the data. However, the report does not show the day of the week. Is it possible to show the day when time was entered?

Create a custom column with the following formula as that will show the day when time was entered,

if ((MOD((Daydiff((date(1990,1,7)),EntryDate)),7))=4 , "Thursday" , "Friday"))),(IF((MOD((Daydiff((date(1990,1,7)),EntryDate)),7))>=0 &&
(MOD((Daydiff((date(1990,1,7)),EntryDate)),7)) < 3 ,(IF((MOD((Daydiff((date(1990,1,7)),EntryDate)),7))=0 ,"Sunday",
if((MOD((Daydiff((date(1990,1,7)),EntryDate)),7))=1 , "Monday", "Tuesday"))),"Wednesday")))

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