Understanding Weekly End-of-Month Timesheet Periods

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Weekly End-of-Month timesheet periods are intended for those using a monthly payroll period, but who want to use weekly timesheet periods to promote timely data entry. Using this timesheet period type, if a timesheet spans the end of one month and the beginning of the next, the timesheet period will be broken up at the crossover between months. This ensures payroll administrators will receive data for the end of the month without having to wait for a future timesheet to be submitted. The number of timesheet periods in a year remains unchanged. Each Weekly End-of-Month timesheet period is comprised of at least 4 days.

Therefore, if the final First Day of Week in the month is:

  • 4 or more days from the end of the month, Web TimeSheet will create a timesheet period spanning those four (or more) days.
  • 3 or fewer days from the end of the month, Web TimeSheet will add those days to the previous week, and create a timesheet period that spans those 3 (or fewer) days + all the days in the previous week.
  • The first timesheet period of the month is shortened or lengthened in a similar fashion, if necessary.

Note: Timesheet periods may be shortened due to the timing of the timesheet period's effective date or the user’s start date.

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