Timesheets are used to enter time against specific projects and tasks or activities and time off. Users complete and submit their timesheets to supervisors, project leaders, and/or clients for approval. The timesheets are then reviewed and either approved or rejected. Depending on the system configuration, supervisors, project leaders, and clients can either correct or reject timesheet items. Timesheets with rejected items are returned to the users for correction.

There are three different TimeSheet formats available in Web TimeSheet.

  • Standard
  • In-Out
  • Locked In-Out

You may have the option of using either a Standard or an In-Out timesheet. If you are assigned both, to switch timesheet formats:

  • Select Settings from the top menu.
  • From the Timesheet Format field, select the desired format.

Entering Time in Standard TimeSheet:

  • Select the project, task, or activity you worked on for each row
  • Select the billing options, if necessary
  • Type the hours you spent on each task for each day you worked

Entering Time in In-Out TimeSheet:

  • For each task or activity you worked on, complete at least two of the following fields:

    • In time – Out time
    • Duration worked (Hours) Web TimeSheet will calculate the third field using the two values you entered.
  • Complete the fields in that task or activity's timesheet row. 

Entering Time in Locked In-Out TimeSheet:

  • Click 'Punch In' when you begin working on the task or activity. A new row will be created on your timesheet each time you punch in.
  • Click 'Punch Out' when you finish working on the task or activity (or finish working for the day).
  • Complete the fields in that task or activity's timesheet row

There are two types of In-Out timesheet display pages:

  • Daily entry pages, which is used to:

    • Enter time worked on a single day.
    • Link to the Period in View page for the period to which that day belongs.
  • Period in View pages, which is used to:

    • View data entered for an entire timesheet period.
    • Link to daily entry pages within the period in view.
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