How to mass edit all the tasks/sub-tasks assignment?

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Description: If the assignment of the team members for all the tasks has to be changed, the mass edit of "Team" under projects will not give the option for the same.
  • Select all the projects that needs to be changed 
  • Click the Tasks button. The Choose Tasks page is displayed. 
  • Find the tasks you wish to edit.
  • To find tasks, click + (expand) or – (collapse) or Expand All/Collapse All, or filter the tasks. 
  • To ensure acceptable mass edit performance, the <All> tasks filter option will disappear if you have selected projects that include a total of more than 2500 tasks. 
  • Select the check box next to each task you want to modify. 
  • Click a task's underlined name if you need more information about it. 
  • Click the >> button to move the selected tasks to the list of Tasks to Edit. 
  • Click Continue. 
  • The Edit Multiple Tasks page is displayed. 
  • Edit the tasks, as desired. 
If you are editing team member task assignments, two edit options are available:
  • Add to task assignments: Adds the new assignments to the existing task assignments (does not affect the existing assignments) 
  • Replace task assignments: Replaces the existing task assignments with the new assignments (overwrites all existing assignments for the selected tasks) 

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