Yes, you can integrate Web TimeSheet with QuickBooks using our stand alone 'Web TimeSheet Integration Manager' application. The integration module is an ideal solution for those working on projects or tasks that are to be billed to clients. Using Web TimeSheet, you can track the actual time spent working on projects, then transfer the data to QuickBooks to invoice clients for the work completed. Time data entered by employees can also be transferred to QuickBooks for use in generating payroll timesheets in QuickBooks. Plus, expenses incurred against the project can also be entered in Web TimeSheet, and transferred to QuickBooks to reimburse employees, pay vendors and charge clients. Additionally, you can use the integration module to save the time and effort associated with entering the user and project data in both QuickBooks and Web TimeSheet. This duplication can be eliminated by entering the data in one application and transferring to the other using the Web TimeSheet Integration Manager.

You would require Web TimeSheet administrator access to integrate Web TimeSheet with QuickBooks.

To enable Integration module:

  • Log into Web TimeSheet with Admin user account.
  • Select Administrator from the top menu.
  • Select Permissions on the left side pane.
  • Edit 'Administrator' -> Under System -> Integration
  • Enable 'Can authorize integration applications' and ' Integration Manager for QuickBooks'
  • Save.
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