What is “Mass edit” in Web TimeSheet?

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Summary: Mass edit allows users to bulk modify data in Web TimeSheet. In Web TimeSheet, the mass edit feature allows you to edit multiple user profiles / projects at once. Mass editing saves time and promotes data accuracy when you have to make the same change to many user profiles / projects.

For example, you might use the mass edit feature to assign a group of users a new supervisor when their old supervisor retires. Also, you might use mass project editing if a client assigns a new representative, and multiple projects associated with that client need to be updated to reflect the new client approver. Your organization has just hired a new employee, and you need to assign that employee to multiple projects and tasks.

Mass editing is not available for external users , or for the currently logged in user. None of the users' unique information (name, login name, employee ID, e-mail addresses) is available for mass editing. Project-specific fields, such as Project Name and Project Code, are unique to their project, and therefore cannot be edited via mass project edit.

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