What is Raw Data Export and how to run these reports?

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Web TimeSheet's raw data exports allow you to export raw timesheet , project, and expense data to spreadsheets using a CSV file.

To export Web TimeSheet data:

  • Open the 'Select an Export' page.
  • Select 'Integrations' from the top menu.
  • Select 'Exports > List Exports' from the side menu.
  • Select the name of the export you wish to run.
  • Use the filters at the top of the page to filter data, if desired.
  • Select 'Preview Export' to view the data that will be exported, if desired.
  • Select 'Export'.
  • When prompted, save the CSV data file that Web TimeSheet creates.
  • Open the external application.
  • If this is your first time importing data, map the Web TimeSheet data to the appropriate fields in the external application.
  • Import the saved CSV file.

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