You can authorize another user to manage your Web TimeSheet tasks by assigning them as your substitute user. You can have multiple substitutes with different permissions. You can set up substitute users only if you have appropriate permissions.
The Web TimeSheet Administrators or certain other users who have access to the "Administration Reports" can run a 'User Detail' report that provides a list of Web TimeSheet users and their user profile information, along with the list of Substitute Users added to their profile.

To list the Substitute Users:

  • Log in as Web TimeSheet admin user or any user who has access to this report.
  • Select Reports from the top menu.
  • Under 'Administration Reports' -> Select 'User Detail'

If this report is not shown under 'Administration Reports' for a user, then Web TimeSheet admin can enable access to this report for user permission (if needed).
Once you have access to this report, choose the fields 'User Name' and 'Substitute User Name' under Settings and run the report.

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