Users are unable to view the Add Time Off button on their Timesheet

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Some time off types may require advance booking, while others may not, as determined by your Web TimeSheet administrator. Typically, time off that can be predicted will require booking (for example, vacation time), while time off that cannot be predicted will not (for example, sick time).

  • If booking is required for the type of time off you want to take, you must complete and submit a time off booking.
  • If booking is NOT required for a time off type, you may choose to either book time off, or enter it directly in your timesheet.


  • If all Time Off codes in Web TimeSheet are set to " Booking required ", then it means that users are only allowed to book their Time Off's and cannot add them manually.
  • There needs to be at least one Time Off code in Web TimeSheet with "Booking required" unchecked. Otherwise, users will not find an Add Time Off button on their timesheets.
  • Another reason might be that the "Enter time against time off types not requiring booking" option under the users permission is disabled.

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