In Web TimeSheet its possible to find the total number of days using user start date.

This can be achieved by creating a custom column which can calculate the total number of days a user has been working in the company based on user start date specified in the user's profile in Web Timesheet. 

  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative rights. 
  • Click on 'Reports', go to 'Administration Reports'.
  • Click on 'User Details report'
  • Click on 'Settings', under the columns tab scroll down to 'Custom Columns'.
  • Click on 'Add', give the column a of your choice, in the blank box enter DayDiff(UserStartDate,Today())
  • Make sure there is a check mark against that custom column. 
  • Click on save and run report. Now a new field will be visible with the total number of days the user is present in Web TimeSheet, provided a start date has been entered on the user account.
Note: Please refer to the attached screenshots for illustrated steps.
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