How to setup Timesheet Periods in Web TimeSheet?

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Timesheet Periods are:

  • Date ranges that specify how frequently timesheets are submitted.
  • Should be parallel with either your organization’s pay periods or your billing cycle.
  • Can be created for the entire system (all users), employee types, or departments.

More Information:

Adding a Timesheet Period:
You must add timesheet periods so users can enter time in their timesheets. No timesheets can be created until a timesheet period is defined. Periods can be created system-wide or for a specific employee type or department.

To create a new timesheet period:

  • Select Administration from the top menu.
  • Select Timesheet Setup > Timesheet Periods from the side menu.
  • Select the tab that corresponds with the timesheet period you want to create, and then select the Add button to set up a new timesheet period.
  • Specify the timesheet period type. The type determines how often a new timesheet period is generated. You can select:

    • BiWeekly, Weekly, Monthly, or Semi-Monthly , to have your timesheet regenerate at the selected time interval.
    • Manual to select custom start and end dates for the timesheet period. Select the link for more information on Manual timesheet periods.The Manual timesheet period type allows you to create a customized timesheet period with specific start and end dates. A Manual timesheet period might be useful if there is a time period where your organization will not follow the standard timesheet period schedule. Create a Manual timesheet period as you would any other timesheet period type. Instead of selecting a weekday and effective date for the period, you will need to enter start and end dates. After the first period defined by the start and end dates is completed, the following timesheets will use the same span of time (until a new timesheet period comes into effect). For example, if you define a manual timesheet period for May 5 to May 7, the subsequent timesheets will be May 8 to May 10, May 11 to May 13, and so on
    • Weekly End-of-Month, if you want to use a weekly timesheet period with weeks that flex to match a monthly payroll period. Select the link for more information on Weekly End-of-Month periods.
  • Specify when the period will begin (each new period will begin on this day/date).
  • Enter the date when the timesheet period will take effect.
  • Select Save.

A system timesheet period applies to your entire organization. We recommend that you use a system timesheet period, since it is the easiest method to manage.

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