How to change settings for multiple users at the same time in Web TimeSheet?

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Web TimeSheet administrator can mass edit, change or update one or more common settings across all or selective users in Web TimeSheet. To mass edit the user settings, follow the steps given below:

  • Log in to Web TimeSheet as the administrator.
  • Select the Administration tab at the top menu bar.
  • Select Users from the left pane, under the Users/Departments category. The List Users page appears.
  • Highlight the required users from the List Users page.
  • Click the Edit button at the bottom of the List Users page after selecting the users. The Edit Users page appears.
  • Change the required information across various tabs (Access, Advanced, Time Off and E-mail).
  • Click Save at the bottom. A Mass Edit Confirmation pop-up window appears.
  • Review the changes that you are about to commit.
  • Click Save on the pop-up window to commit the changes or click Cancel to continue editing.

More Information:

  • Please be cautious when performing the Mass Edit, since altering any other settings or check boxes (that looks grayed out) will globally affect all the users’ settings.
  • Mass Edit can’t be applied to the administrator who is currently performing the Mass Edit on the users. The Web TimeSheet administrator would have to make the changes separately to the individual user profile.
  • When performing a Mass Edit, the users' unique information like User Name, Login Name, Employee ID and E-mail Address is unavailable for editing.
  • Mass Edit is not recommended for any Time Off policy changes since any change in the time off policy may affect the users' unique time off balances because different users have different policy settings and balances unique to their identity in Web TimeSheet and Mass Edit is recommended only for a common change throughout all the users.

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