You will need Project Leader login permission in Web TimeSheet to set users 'Productivity Targets'.

  • Open the "User Productivity"page. 

    • Select ' Projects ' from the top menu. 
    • Select ' Productivity ' > ' Productivity Targets ' from the side menu. 
  • Use the filters at the top of the page to limit the number of users that display in the 'Target Billable Hours' table, if necessary. 
  • Ensure you have selected the appropriate year (defaults to current year). 
  • Enter each user's productivity quota (billable target). You can enter a total for the year or individual values for each month (which Web TimeSheet will add together to produce an annual total). 
  • Select ' Save '. Or, select ' Cancel ' to discard your changes. 

Once you have set up user's productivity quotas, Web TimeSheet will calculate the company and department quotas.

More Information:

  • You can set up billable targets (productivity quotas) for each user in the Web TimeSheet for the purpose of tracking productivity quotients (utilization rates).
  • Each user can view their productivity information both from within Productivity pages and from the timesheet page in Web TimeSheet.
  • When you initially set up productivity quotas, you will enter each user's billable targets – either the total year's target or the target per month.
  • When you enter a total target for the year, the total is divided evenly across the months (values are rounded to the nearest whole number).
  • You can then edit individual months to account for special circumstances such as months where the user is on vacation and may be unable to meet the standard target amount.
  • When you enter a billable target for each month, the total target for the year is calculated as the sum of all the months.
  • Web TimeSheet collects the billable hours from each user's approved timesheets and uses this information to calculate productivity at the user, department, and company levels.
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