If you create a time off type with 'Enabled' selected, you will have to manually set it to 'Allowed' in the profile of existing users if you want them to use it.

To allow a user to use a particular time off type:

  • Open the 'Time Off' tab of the 'Add/Edit User' page.

    • Select 'Administration' from the top menu.
    • Select 'Shortcuts > Users' from the side menu.
    • Click the edit icon next to the user you want to edit (or select Add if you are adding a new user).
    • Select the 'Time Off' tab.
  • Enable the 'Allowed' check box for the type.
  • If Allowed is disabled, that time off type will not be visible to the user.
  • When you have completed all changes to the user's profile, select 'Save'.

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