• Time must be tracked against customers/clients only, in Web TimeSheet and not against projects since there is no necessity for users/employees to record time against project/jobs, they can directly record time against clients and the time can directly billed to the customers in QuickBooks rather than to jobs.
  • There are no jobs or sub-jobs in QuickBooks, only customers and service items are mapped to customers directly.
  • Hours and expenses transferred to QuickBooks will not be used for Payroll purposes nor is used to generate Vendor bills or Client invoices but only to bill clients.
  • The existing customer center structure must not be altered by any means such as introducing jobs and sub-jobs. The current structure need to be retained and so that users who use QuickBooks, continue to use the application the same way they currently use.

Time cannot be tracked against Clients in Web TimeSheet nor can be transferred to QuickBooks to bill clients hence, create jobs, in the same name as client names and track time against these jobs or projects.

If Customers are associated to Items and Sub-items in QuickBooks for billing purposes, then map Projects and Tasks in Web TimeSheet with Items and Sub-items in QuickBooks respectively. This ensures that the hours recorded against Project/Tasks in Web TimeSheet, when transferred to QuickBooks, can be mapped to items and sub-items which then can be used bill the customers/clients.

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