There is no report in Web TimeSheet which shows the hours for archived projects. But you can do so by exporting a raw data report from the Integrations.

  • Login as a Web TimeSheet admin.
  • Go to Integrations.
  • Click on List Exports.
  • Under Raw Data Exports, click on the Timesheet Raw Data Export.
  • Select the Date range as required.
  • Select Approval Status as required.
  • Under Project, select all for Client, Department, Department Code, Project Code and Project Leader, put a tick in Open, Closed and Archived boxes. Uncheck the Select Specific project if it is user specific. (If it is Project specific then select the required projects.)
  • Under User, select all for Department, Department Code, Supervisor, Employee Type, and select the Login Status as required. Select the particular user for whom you want to pull the data if it is user specific. (Uncheck the Select Specific users if it is project specific.)
  • Now click on Preview Export and the hours will be shown.
  • In order to export the data, click on Export. It will export the data in excel format. This data would not show the total number of hours. You can calculate the total manually.
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