How to copy tasks from one project to another in Web TimeSheet?

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Once you have set up at least one project, you can use the Based On option to copy details from one project to another. Based On is a basic project information field that you will find when creating a new project.

Copying tasks from one project to the other is not possible after creating projects. After creating a project, tasks and sub-tasks should be added manually. If you are creating a project similar to an existing project, you can use the Based On feature to save yourself time.

The following points outline what data is and is not copied when you base a new project on an existing project.

  • Data that is copied:

    • Billing Rates (except the default billing rate for the project)
    • Project Team (and all associated rates except the default project rate) 
    • Project Structure (tasks)
    • Project/Task Assignments
    • Allowed Expenses
    • Project Information (excluding information listed below)

If hierarchy filtering is enabled, all team members (individuals, departments, or ) are copied to the new project as Project Team, regardless of their department. But, if you later remove the project assignment for a team member who cannot view the project due to hierarchy filtering, that user will not be available for selection on that project.

  • Data that is NOT copied:

    • Project Name
    • Project Code
    • Project Leader
    • Client and client cost allocation method
    • Default Billing Rate
    • Client/External Approver
    • Project/Task-type user defined fields
    • Time Entry Start Date and Time Entry End Date
    • Expense Incur Start Date and Expense Incur End Date

Projects based on existing projects are given Open status, even if the original project was closed. The status of the tasks, however, will be copied directly from the original project.

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