If you are integrating project and Time entries between Web Timesheet and Microsoft Project and if its required to change the project structure by moving a task, the data transfer will be affected as below:
  • Transfer the task from Project to Web TimeSheet:

    • If time has been entered against the task, an error will occur since such tasks cannot be deleted.
    • If no time has been entered, the task will be deleted, and re-created in the new location. Time can then be entered and transferred normally.
  • Transfer the task from Web TimeSheet to Project (not recommended):

    • The task will be deleted, and re-created in the new location, and any time that was already entered against the task will be lost. To work around this, re-transfer the deleted time from Web TimeSheet.
    • The Status Manager will have to re-approve this time. Any time found missing in Project will be transferred, whether you use the All time cells or the Only modified and new time cells option.


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