Follow steps provided below to create administrators in Web TimeSheet with no access to view Payroll and Hourly cost details of the users.
  • Create a new permission profile based on 'Administrator'.

    • Go to Administration > Permissions > Click on Add.
    • Name: "Administrator with limited access"
    • Select "Administrator" from 'Based on" drop down and click on save.
  • Edit the Permissions to exclude following permissions from this permission profile.

    • Go to Administration > Permissions > "Administrator with limited access"  > Click on Collapse all.
    • Uncheck "Hourly Cost " and "Hourly Payroll" under System > Administration > Users.
    • Uncheck "Edit" and "Add" options in System > Administration > Permissions.    
    • Save the changes after unchecking permissions for following reports from 'Reports' tab.
                   Banked Time Details 
                   TimeSheet status detail. 
                   TimeSheet hours detail. 
                   TimeSheet audit trail. 
                   User Hours detail. 
                   Repeat Offenders. 
                   TimeSheet Hours with TimeOff types. 
                   In-out Status 
                   Payroll Details. 
                   User Holidays. 
                   Paycode Hours Details. 
                   License Seat Assignment. 
                   Expense details. 
                   User Schedule. 
                   User Schedule Adherence. 
                   Expense Billing. 
                   TimeSheet billing. 
                   Project Status. 
                   Project expense analysis. 
                   Project Task Assignment. 
                   Project Team Assigned. 
                   Project Team actual. 
                   Project Time Analysis. 
                   Task assignment details. 
                   Productivity details. 
                   Productivity Summary. 
                   TimeCard TimeSheet comparison. 
                   Missing Punch Out. 
                   Timecard audit trail. 
                   Timecard hours details. 
                   User TimeOff Settings. 
                   TimeOff details. 
                   TimeOff balance.
  • Assign the new permission profile to the newly created user and ' uncheck' "Administrator" permissions.

    • Go to Administration > Users > Select the user profile.
    • Go to Access > Permissions.
    • Uncheck the option "Administrator"
    • Enable "Administrator with limited access" and click on save to save the changes.
  • After the completing the above mentioned steps, you would have Administrators with following permissions.

    • Unable to view "Hourly Cost" and "Hourly Payroll" of users from user profile.
    • Unable to "Add" or "Edit" New/Existing permissions to override the current permissions assigned to this user.
    • No access to any of the reports which provides details about "Hourly Cost" or "Hourly Payroll".


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