How to disable TimeCard option on TimeSheet application?

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A Timecard is used to record the time of a user working. Upon logging in to Web TimeSheet, the user punches in and out to mark the time they start and stop work, along with any comments they choose to enter. Each pair of "In" and "Out" actions is considered an entry in the Timecard and, for a user, their "In" and "Out" times are fixed. This feature can be disabled by following the instructions below:-

  • Login as Administrator on Web TimeSheet.
  • Click Administration Icon seen at the top, Select Users on the left pane.
  • Double click on the User/Employee name to identify the permission set from the Edit User screen under Access tab.
  • Select Permission from the left pane under User/Department section.
  • Click on the Permission identified on the User/Employee's account.
  • Uncheck Timecard option and click 'Save' to apply changes.

Note: You may have to repeat the steps if multiple permissions are assigned for a Single User.  The changes made will be applied globally within the system, i.e.., all users will not have access to Timecard who are assigned with the modified permission.

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