How to Integrate ADP with Web TimeSheet?

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Summary: Once users enter time and/or time off, you can export the data to ADP for payroll purposes. Additionally, if users make any changes to their time entries, the system will automatically determine the differences. When you export the time data again, you can choose to export only the changes.

Solution: The ADP exports can be found at: Integrations > List Exports

Two default exports are available in this list, each configured to support a specific version of ADP:

  • ADP Web Applications 
  • PC/Payroll version 5.1 

To export the data:

  • Choose the appropriate export 
  • Edit the export settings, including: 

    • Which fields to include in the export 
    • The name of the file to generate 
    • The BatchID for the export (see below)
    • ADP-specific values, such as the Company Code used to identify your organization 
    • Pay code mappings 
    • Indicating which Web TimeSheet fields map to which ADP fields 
  • Export the file. 
  • Import the file into ADP. 

Using the BatchID Auto-Increment:

  • Records exported together are marked with a BatchID, which is used by ADP to mark a “batch” of records.
  • The BatchID can be automatically incremented for each export, and you can set the starting value at Administration > System > System Preferences > Exports section.

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