Web TimeSheet graphical reports are interactive dynamic reports that require the use of support files that reside on the Web TimeSheet server.

Therefore, graphical reports can only display within e-mail messages if the following three requirements are met:

  • The address of the Web TimeSheet server is entered in the System Preferences, if you are using the self-hosted version
  • The computer used to view the report e-mail is able to access the Web TimeSheet server
  • Adobe Flash Player is installed on the computer used to view the report

If you are using Outlook as the email client and are still unable to view graphical report (either in the e-mail body or in the attachment) even though the three requirements are met, try the following:

  • In Outlook, click the Tools > Options menu.
  • Select the Mail Format tab, and ensure that the format is set to either Rich text or HTML.
  • Click the Security tab and change the security zone to Internet

Note, if you don’t want the Internet setting to be global (i.e. apply to all Outlook messages), you can have the report show in the e-mail body, and only that e-mail will use Internet zone settings. To do this:

  • Open the email that includes the graphical report.
  • Click the View menu.
  • Select View in Internet Zone.


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