User is unable to access Web TimeSheet in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The issue persists even after clearing cache and resetting Internet Explorer.


  • DNS was not forced in the Workstation. 
  • The software Ad-Adware redirects the Web TimeSheet login page to a different URL like, However no information was available in the ETC/Host file

Remove the Software Ad-Adware

  • Click on the 'Start Menu'
  • Click on 'Run' and Type 'Appwiz.cpl' in the run window.
  • Add or Remove programs will be open
  • Locate the program named 'Ad-Adware' and click on remove.
  • Please click on Restart to complete the UN-installation process. (Please find the attached Screenshot that forces to restart the machine)

Force the DNS

  • Click on the Start Menu
  • Click on Run and Type ncpa.cpl to open the network connections.
  • Right Click on the Local Area Connection and click on Properties.
  • Highlight Internet Connection TCP/IP and click on Properties.
  • Select the option Use the Following DNS Server Addresses.
  • Enter the following DNS Server Address

Primary DNS Server Address:
Secondary DNS Server Address:

  • Click on OK and close the window
  • Open Command prompt
  • Type the following Command
  • ipconfig/Flush DNS
  • Then type the next command
  • ipconfig/RegisterDNS
  • Close all the browsers and re-open Web TimeSheet.


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