How to re-enable a user?

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Most of the times contract employees are re-hired based on a companies organization. In such scenario's re-enabling the existing profile in Web TimeSheet would be the best recommendation, so as to avoid redundancy of data and confusion while percolating and running reports.

In order to re-enable a user, follow the steps listed below:

  • Log into Web TimeSheet as an administrator.
  • Click on Administration tab and choose Users from the Users Departments folder.
  • Search the user that needs to be enabled.
  • Double click on the user or click on the edit button .
  • Under the Access tab, ensure that Disable Login is unchecked and ensure that the right Seat Assignment is selected along with the necessary Permissions.
  • Under the Advanced tab, the supervisor information needs to be updated along with the User's Start and End Date. If the End Date is not edited, the user can log into Web TimeSheet but will not be able to utilize the TimeSheet feature.
  • Click on Save.

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