What is the value of ‘Hierarchy Display Mode’ in reports and how does it work?

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In reports, you have Task Name (Hierarchy) column that displays the hierarchy of the tasks, against which time was entered. In case, you don't find this field in your report, you will need to enable Task Name (Hierarchy) field under report Settings. Every project that you create may have Tasks and Sub-Tasks in the Project Structure. The Project is the top most level and below that you have the Tasks and the Sub-Tasks. This levels are known as Hierarchy. When you go to any report and click on Settings button and Format tab, you will see an option called Hierarchy Display Mode which has two options under it. 
  • Collapsible:

    • Choose this option to allow the hierarchy to be collapsed, hiding the lower levels. When expanded, each level of the hierarchy shows the data entered at that level alone.
    • When collapsed, the values shown for the collapsed level will include the data for that level of the hierarchy as well as any sub-levels.
    • In Collapsible mode, the report is originally displayed with the hierarchy expanded. Each row shows the data for that level of the hierarchy alone
    • When the user clicks on a collapsible area, the lower levels are hidden and the collapsed level shows the summarized data for that level and any sub-levels.
  • Full Hierarchy with Parent Level Sum:

    • Choose this option to display the hierarchy in expanded mode.
    • Each level of the hierarchy is displayed on its own row, and the values shown in the row will include both the data for that level of the hierarchy and any sub-levels. 
    • In the Full Hierarchy with Parent Level Sum mode, the lower levels are always shown. However, the higher levels show data for that level and any sub-levels.


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