Time data entered by employees can be transferred to QuickBooks for generating payroll in QuickBooks. Before transferring time entries for payroll purpose, from Web TimeSheet to Quick Books ensure that the following criteria are met:

User name setup in Web TimeSheet should match with that of Employee's First and Last name in QuickBooks.
If you are using the Middle Initial field for Employees in QuickBooks, you need to create the user with his middle initial in the last name field in Web TimeSheet. For Eg: In QuickBooks the users name is Michael W Smith, where Michael is his First name, W is the middle initial and Smith the Last name, you will need to setup the user as Michael in the First name and W Smith in the Last name field in Web TimeSheet.

  • Employees in QuickBooks need to have Use Time Data to Create paychecks enabled, under their Profile -> Payroll and Compensation Info tab.
  • Ensure that Payroll Items are created and corresponding Payroll Item is assigned to the users profile in QuickBooks.
  • Create Web TimeSheet fields with the same name as Payroll Item in QuickBooks. (Refer kb-3323)
  • Launch QuickBooks and then launch QuickBooks Integration Manager
  • Click Time Tracking, on the left side pane. (Refer attached image)
  • Choose Transfer Time entries for payroll timesheets and select Transfer Time Off entries for payroll timesheets. Do not select Include Project/Task/Role data on payroll timesheets.
  • Map Web TimeSheet fields to Payroll item on QuickBooks, select the date range for which time entries are required to be transferred, select the Users and click on Transfer.


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