Can I force users to use a specific currency for reimbursements?

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It is not possible to restrict the reimbursement currency to a specific currency although users could have entered incurred expenses in other currencies on the expense sheet. The application gives options to the user to pick a reimbursement currency of their choice. By default, the reimbursement currency displayed on top is always the Base currency set in the application. A Supervisor/ approver can reject/edit the expenses with a comment to change reimbursement currency to specific currency in future. Web TimeSheet Administrator can also set a disclaimer for expenses indicating that reimbursement currencies are to be in a specific currency only so users are aware about it. 

To add a Disclaimer for Expenses, perform the following steps: 

  • Log into Web TimeSheet as administrator.
  • Click on Administration tab.
  • Click on Disclaimers, under Communications on the left side pane.
  • Select the Disclaimer Type to Expenses.
  • Type the required comment in the Description box. In this case, the Description field can indicate users to use a specific type of currency for reimbursements.

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