In Web TimeSheet, you will need specific permissions to access the Projects page, to be able to search for Projects.
  • Log into Web TimeSheet, click on the Projects icon at the top. 
  • In the Search pane, click on the >> icon beside the word Search. This will expand the search option.
  • In the collapsed state (basic search), use a single field to search against projects' name, code, description, or project leader. (refer attached image below)
  • In the expanded state (advanced search), use one or more fields to search against specific user criteria. Fields are additive; that is, only projects with matching values for all of the entered fields will display. (refer attached image below)
  • Enter text in the text search field(s). The capitalization does not have to match that used within the project. 
  • For a project to display in the search results, at least a portion of their applicable data must match the entered text. 
  • For example, If you enter ra in the Name field, projects with names such as Administration, Our Intranet, and Graphics Engine would all display in the project list.
  • Select Search or press Enter.
  • A list of projects matching the search criteria displays in the Projects section on the right. 
  • To clear the advanced search criteria and results, select Reset.




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