What are the different rates that can be applied to a Project?

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In Web TimeSheet, Projects can be set up with three types of rates:
  • Project rate:

    • The project rate is a default billing rate for the entire project.
    • You define the rate when you first create the project, and can modify the rate at any time.
    • The project rate is the default rate assigned to all team members. 
  • Role rate:

    • Roles identify specific types of work (for example, project management or HTML coding) that are charged at defined rates.
    • Roles are global in scope (that is, they can apply to multiple projects), and are therefore created outside the project.
    • Each role is associated with a global default billing rate that applies to all projects to which you add the role. You can modify this role rate and have it project specific, if needed. 
  • User or Department rate 

    • User/department rates apply to specific project team members (users or departments).
    • User/department rates are specific to the project in which they are defined.
    • They do not apply to any other projects.
    • When you add a user rate to a project, the user's default billing rate (assigned in their user profile) will display in the rate field; however, this value can be changed.
    • The user rate, not the department rate, is applied, if both a user and their department are assigned to a project.

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