The timesheet detail report usually shows 0 hours, when the Project for which the time entries were made has multiple clients set in the Cost Allocation Method and cost allocation is set to 0%. Since the Web TimeSheet Reports breaks up the time in the ratio of the cost allocation, the report output would display the values as 0.
The allocation percentages need to be defined for each Client. The guided steps are as follows:
  • Log in as the Web TimeSheet Administrator or as the Project Manager/Leader
  • Click on the Projects tab in the top menu.
  • Locate the respective project from the List Projects screen or use the Search box at the bottom of the current page to search for the respective project
  • Click on the Edit button beside the respective project name or highlight the project and click on the Edit button found at the bottom of the current page. The project page appears
  • Under the Clients category, the Client By % Allocation lists the clients and the cost percentage allotted to each of them. Allot the appropriate percentage that needs to be assigned to the different clients
  • Click the Save.
Enable this option to allow projects to be created with cost allocated clients. If this option is disabled, the radio button for multiple clients for project cost allocation will be hidden on the Add Project, Edit Project, and Edit Multiple Projects pages and users will not be able to set up cost percentages for the project clients. By default, this option is disabled.


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