A Task deleted in Microsoft Project still exists in Web TimeSheet, after updating Project structure using the Integration manager.

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When you you integrate Web TimeSheet and Microsoft Project, data transfer happens between Web TimeSheet and MS Project. In such a scenario, projects are transferred to Web TimeSheet from MS Project. Sometimes, you may delete a task in MS Project. However the corresponding task may not be deleted in Web TimeSheet,  after an update is made using Integration Manager.

This issue usually occurs when the task which is part of a project structure in Web TimeSheet and MS Project, has been selected in the timesheet of one or more users.If the task has been selected on a user’s timesheet, Web TimeSheet prevents the task from being deleted, even if no time has been entered against it.

Have the user select another task or delete the timesheet row containing that specified task and then save the timesheet. Then, update Web TimeSheet using the Integration Manager again and the task should be deleted from Web TimeSheet.

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