How to enable an external user to view time reports?

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Web TimeSheet restricts an external user to view time reports. External users in Web TimeSheet do not have access to time reports. Even, if the external user is allowed access to one or more time reports, the user would not be able to see any data in the report.

The only work around is to schedule a report and has the information to be emailed to the external user.
To set this up, follow the steps below:
  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative privileges.
  • Click on the reports in the top menu.
  • From the left menu click on list reports.
  • Click on the Report Schedule icon beside the User Hours Details report or any time report.
  • Key in information for all the required fields. (Report Schedule Name, Schedule Type, Initial Run Time…etc)
  • Make sure the the Enabled field has a check mark in the check box.
  • Under the Send Report to section, specify the users to whom the report has to be sent to, by selecting the users name and clicking >> in the the Specific user list.
  • Or, under the Other text box, key in the clients email address and click on >> to have the email address added to the list.
  • Select the report format, key in the filters and click on the Add button at the end.


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