How to enable the Offline feature or view the Offline button on the Timesheet?

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Offline TimeSheet is a feature that is widely used by users who work on a Client Site where they do not have access to Web TimeSheet but has access to their External E-mails. External E-mails are usually some 3rd-party web based e-mail clients like Hotmail/Yahoo Mail/Gmail. A specific External E-mail Address can be chosen and set under a User's Profile, either by a Web TimeSheet Administrator or the user himself under his User Preferences, in-order to make use of the Offline feature of Web TimeSheet or to send Web TimeSheet Reports to his External E-mail Address.
With the help of this External E-mail Address, the User could send his exact TimeSheet view as an HTML file attached to his External E-mail Address. In-order to achieve this, the User would select the respective Client name and the list of Projects & Tasks he is going to work on the Client Site, on his TimeSheet and would click on the Offline button found at the bottom of his TimeSheet screen.
To enable this feature, we would need to enable Offline TimeSheet Permission in Web TimeSheet. The guided steps are as follows,
  • Log in as a Web TimeSheet Administrator.
  • Click on the Administration icon at the top menu bar.
  • Choose the Permissions option from the left panel, found below the Users/Departments category.
  • Select the User tab found at the top, on the current page.
  • Click on the Edit button (represented by the icon of a paper & pencil) adjacent to the respective Permission type or click on the underlined Permission name. The Edit Permission page is displayed.
  • Two tabs are found in this page System permission tab & Reports permission tab. The current page will show the System tab by default with the list of options as Administration,TimeSheet, Approvals and Integration etc.
  • Click on the + symbol beside the TimeSheet option and expand it.
  • Scroll down to find an option as Offline TimeSheet and check off the box next to it.
  • Click on the Save button at the bottom of the current page.
More Information 
Log out and log back in if the User does not see the Offline button on his TimeSheet after enabling the Offline feature under the Web TimeSheet Permissions.
The Offline Timesheet feature is available only for user who use a Standard TimeSheet Format and not for users who use the In-out TimeSheet Format.


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