How to refresh Productivity Data for more than 3 months

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When an Administrator or user is trying to get productivity data, he or she is unable to view Productivity Data for more than 3 months.


To refresh data for more than 3 months of Productivity, follow the steps given below:
  • Login as Administrator or a person who has access to productivity data
  • Click on Projects Icon
  • Click on Preferences under the Productivity section in the left menu.
  • In the Productivity Preferences page, in the Number of months to refresh, specify the number of months you want the data to be refreshed for
  • This will ensure that you can refresh Productivity Data for as many months you specify in this box.
  • Click Save.


Refreshing Productivity Data is resource consuming. If you are refreshing data for many months in one go, the system may freeze up for a short time or the response will be very slow.


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