Error Expense Sheet in Web TimeSheet contains no valid rows that can be transferred to QuickBooks when transferring expenses to QuickBooks as Vendor bills.
23-May-2011 21:09:19 INFO Expenses for [Test User], with Description [Telephone Expense] did not transfer successfully to QuickBooks.
Possible Reason: Expense Sheet in Web TimeSheet contains no valid rows that can be transferred to QuickBooks.
  • This error message may show up when the the expense sheet contains special or unknown characters in the description of the expenses.
  • This may be caused when the description is copied from another application into the expense sheet.
  • This error comes up when transferring expense sheets with the filters in QuickBooks Integration Manager set to Not Previously Transferred.
  • This happens because there are expense sheets that are previously transferred from Web Timesheet but are deleted for some reason from QuickBooks. 
  • If the expense sheet is approved, reopen it, edit and remove the special characters from the expense sheet.
  • Save and approve the expense sheet. Try transferring the expense sheet to QuickBooks again.
  • The system would have already marked them as transferred and throws this error message when it cannot find any other expense sheet in the system for that date range selected.
  • To get the expense sheets transferred, set the filter in QuickBooks Integration Manager to All from Not Previously Transferred.
  • Then check the QuickBooks Integration file to delete those vendor bills which are duplicated or already paid in the past.
Note :
Ensure you make a note of the Expense sheet(s) that needs to be in Vendor bill(s).
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