How to make ‘Activities’ mandatory on timesheet?

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Selecting Activities in the timesheet can be made mandatory by editing the permissions assigned to the user.

To make Activities mandatory:
  • Log in to Web TimeSheet with administrative rights. 
  • Edit the user’s profile. 
  • Make a note of the permissions assigned to the user in the user’s profile. 
  • Click on Permissions under User/Departments in the left menu.
  • Edit the permission assigned to the user.
  • Expand the Timesheet section under the System tab. 
  • Under Show Activities in Timesheet; select the drop down to Activity Selection Required
  • Click Save.
If selection of activity is made mandatory and if an Activity is not selected on any of the rows in the timesheet, the user would get an error: Activity selection is required upon saving the timesheet.
Changes made to an existing permission will affect all the users who are assigned this permission.


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