When an administrator is trying to enable a previously disabled user, the system throws an error code String is not a valid Boolean.

More Information:
This error message is usually seen when, the disabled user was associated with a department, which is now disabled. If the users primary/secondary department, is now disabled in Web TimeSheet, the system fails to associate the user to any primary department while changing the status back to enabled and hence throws the Boolean error.
If the user's old department is unknown, it is recommended to re-enable all the disabled departments. Once the departments are enabled, you can enable the user. Please follow the steps listed below to enable a department:
  • Log into Web TimeSheet as an administrator.
  • Click on System–>Administration and choose Departments under User
  • Click on Company and a list of departments will be displayed.
  • Enable all departments that are marked as disabled.
  • Now that the department is enabled, the user can be re-activated.


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