Why am I unable to run report for all the users in my company?

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User is running reports with filters set to reflect the data of all users in the company but he/she is unable to view the data for all users.

The Web TimeSheet application is designed to respect the privacy of data. When an user runs any report where the filters are set to display the data of all users, the expected result will not be displayed unless the Can View All Report Data permission is enabled. This is to ensure that users of the application have access to only certain sections of the data and not all.
For example, if a Supervisor doesn’t have the Can View All Report Data permission enabled he/she will be able to view report data only for himself and users who report to him. All other data will be hidden from this Supervisor.
Its to the discretion of the Web TimeSheet Administrator to decide which set of users should have access to all the data of their company who should have limited access.

If an Administrator wants to enable the Can View All Report Data permission for a user or group of users, follow the steps below:

  • Log into the Web TimeSheet as an Administrator.
  • Click on the Administration icon.
  • Then click on Permissions in the Users/Departments section.
  • Click on the Edit icon beside the name of the permission.
  • In the Edit Permissions page click on the Reports tab.
  • Expand the Reports section by clicking on the + sign.
  • Put a check mark beside Can View All Report Data to enable it.
  • Click on Save.

If you modify an existing permission, all those who have been assigned the permission will be affected by the changes made. Enabling/disabling Hierarchy filtering along with the Can View All Report Data gives different visibility of data. Click here to get exhaustive information on what data would be made visible to users on enabling the Can View All Report Data permission.


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