An Expense sheet/TimeSheet is approved by the System instead of the Project Leader. For example, the Expense sheet and/or TimeSheet has an Approval Path in the following format:
Project Leader –> Supervisor.
In the above approval path the Project Leader gets to approve the expenses raised or time entered against the projects where he/she is the Project Leader.

Sometimes, the user might raise a project Expense or submit a TimeSheet without selecting the correct Project against which the same needs to the approved. In such cases the Project Leader will not be able to view the Expense Sheet or TimeSheet and it will be approved by the System (If the incorrectly selected project does not have a project leader).

Make sure the users enter expenses and/or time against the correct project. If you want the affected timesheet to be approved by the project leader, then re-open the timesheet/expense, and make sure the user selects the correct project.

In the above mentioned scenario the System Approved Expense Sheet/TimeSheet will eventually go to the Supervisor for approval.


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