Q: Will Smart Interface be enabled automatically?
No, it will not be automatic. Administrators can select to enable it for their companies. In addition administrators can enable Smart Interface for just themselves to test the functionality before they turn it on for their users.

Q: Is there additional cost for the Smart Interface?
No, there is no additional cost for the Smart Interface.

Q: How long can you stay with the existing interface?
Right now we don’t have a limit on how long you can stay with the existing interface. We would like everyone to migrate. If for some reason you don’t, please let us know why and we will work to address your issues.

Custom Fields, Report Configurations, and User Settings

Q: I’ve got custom fields that I added. Will these be affected?
No, they will not. You will continue to see the custom fields you’ve added.

Q: We’ve got custom integrations. Will those break with this new release?
No, they won’t break and will continue to work.

Q: I’ve configured a bunch of reports. Will those configurations be affected?
No, they will not. Your configurations will remain the same.

Q: Are there any changes to the fields that are available on the report templates, e.g. are more fields available on any of the templates?
The reporting functionality remains the same.

Browser Support

Q: Does the new version of software run on more browsers?
Smart Interface supports Chrome and Safari browsers — in addition to Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher, and Firefox 3.5 and higher.

Q: Will any new browser settings be required?
No, new browser settings are not required.

Q: Is Smart Interface compatible with Internet Explorer 6?
No, Smart Interface only supports Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher.

Obtaining More Information

Q: Where can I get more documentation?
We have created a new Quick Start Guide that you can provide to your end users which you can download here:
https://download1.replicon.com/landingpages/Smart-Interface-Prelaunch-Webinar/Documents/Web TimeSheet Quick Start Guide to Entering Data in a Smart Interface Timesheet.pdf

We have also created a datasheet which you can download here:

Testing the Interface

Q: Can the new changes be tested before going live?
Yes, administrators can enable Smart Interface for just themselves to test the functionality before they turn it on for their users.


Q: What’s available in Smart Interface?
Below are the new features in the Smart Interface release:

Features Benefits
Improved performance Spend less time completing timesheets. New timesheet is up to 14 times faster than the old one in every respect – when loading, when submitting, and in every action in between.
Redesigned task selector Streamlined task creation. We’ve eliminated the separate pop-up window — you simply choose clients, projects, and tasks directly from the timesheet itself.
Integrated search and auto-complete functionality Find the projects and tasks you are looking for quickly and easily. Simply type in a client, project, and task and we’ll provide you with a list of options to select from.
Enhanced copy from feature More easily create new timesheets from old ones. There’s no need to duplicate all your data—copy only what you need.
Automatic error detection Quickly identify any timesheet issue before hitting submit button. The new timesheet validates your data as you enter it, notifying you unobtrusively of any errors as you progress.

Q: Have other parts of Web Timesheet changed?
The new features have been added to the Standard Timesheet first. The rest of Web TimeSheet has received a cosmetic only update and will continue to work the same way it has before.

Q: Will other parts of Web Timesheet get the same type of enhancements the standard?
Yes. Smart Interface is an ongoing process. We have a design team going over every page in Web TimeSheet to keep the improvements coming in future releases.

Q: Has offline timesheet functionality been updated to work with more recent versions of internet browsers and/or Outlook?
The offline functionality has not changed and will continue to be available in the existing interface.

Q: I see that on the new timesheet, you have to put in total hours for the day. Will we be able to punch in and out, and also be able to put in am/pm time?A: Yes, you will be able to punch in and out using the in/out timesheet, just as you did before.

On-Premise Customers

Q: Is Smart Interface available for on-premise customers?
Smart Interface is available only for SaaS customers for now. We are hoping to have a release for on-premise customers that includes the Smart Interface this fall.

Q: We use an on-premise version of Web TimeSheet. What’s involved in switching to the SaaS version?
The switch to SaaS is relatively painless. You work with our support team to transition your end-users to point to our website, as opposed to one hosted in your environment. Our support team:

  1. Sets up a test instance with your data to review
  2. Schedules an appropriate time to coordinate the transfer
  3. Tests and review new instance with your stakeholders to ensure smooth transition.
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