Steps to access iPhone Mobile App (SAML users):

  • The first time a new user runs the iPhone app, the user will be prompted to enter the company name.
  • On clicking on the Go button in the app, it will verify whether SAML is enabled for that Company name.

  • If that Account is set up on SAML, it will load the SAML URL (from the Web TimeSheet System Preferences), in a browser window built into the app.
  • The browser window will display a prompt for the user to enter the user credentials (Windows Username), the company name entered earlier would be pre-populated.

  • If SAML is not set up, the user will be presented with the standard log-in page, prompting for the Username and Password.
  • If the authentication is successful, the app’s home page will be displayed.

Additional Information:

  • During the authentication process, the browser page within the app may be blank for a short time. Users will see a note at the bottom of the page informing them about the same.

  • The iPhone app supports 2-step authentication.
  • If the SAML login page is only available within a company’s network, the user will have to be on the network to log into the app.
  • Currently, SAML sessions started through the iPhone app are perpetual; they will not time out.
  • Companies with mixed authentication are not supported currently.  If SAML is enabled at the company level, all users will be routed to the SAML authentication page.
  • After the initial login, the first page for entering the company name will not be shown again.  If logged out, the user will be sent to the SAML login page or the standard login page directly.
  • Any existing iPhone user is assumed to be using Web TimeSheet authentication and, therefore, will not be prompted for the company name.  If a user who using the iPhone app is moved to SAML authentication, the user will have to uninstall and re-install the app to be able to access the SAML login page.

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