An employee fails to book a time off for a Past date, nevertheless the user had taken the time off. The timesheet for that period has been approved. Now, the Administrator wants to add the time off to the past TimeSheet.

To add the time off the Web TimeSheet Administrator will have to Add / Book it in Historical Time Off section. To do so follow the steps below:

  • Log in as Administrator.
  • Click on Administrator tab and then Historical TimeOff from the left pane.
  • Click Add button at the bottom of the screen (refer the screenshot given below)
  • Select TimeOff type, User Name, Start date, and the End date on the screen.
  • Add comments if required and click on Submit.


  • When the submit button is Clicked the Administrator will receive a prompt to reopen the timesheet, for the period the TimeOff has been booked for (Refer Screenshot below).


  • Click Yes to proceed.
  • When the TimeSheet is submitted after adding TimeOff to it, it will follow necessary approval path setup on Employee's profile.
  • The Administrator can allow the TimeOff to follow the normal approval path or approve it himself.


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