How to filter Audit trail report by affected field?

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The Audit Trail report can be used to track the actions performed in a timesheet.
To filter data seen in this report based on what changes were made, enable the filter called Affected Field is used. The Affected Field displays which field has been changed/affected in a timesheet.

Once the filter is enabled in the report in the filter settings, the report will have the options to filter the report based on Activity, Billable, Client, ClientFilter, Comment, Department, Duration, StartTime, EndTime, ProjectRole, Task, and TimeOff.

  • Login to Web TimeSheet.
  • Click on Reports in the top menu.
  • Open Audit Trail Report.
  • Click on the Settings button in the report.
  • Select Filter tab and then click in the check box for Affected Field to have enable it with a check mark.
  • Save the settings.





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