A time off policy has a Maximum balance set, however the Timeoff History report shows a balance more than the preset Maximum balance. For example, Maximum balance is set to 280 hours for Vacation Timeoff, however the Timeoff History report shows the user to have accrued a balance greater than 282 hours.

When there is a maximum balance defined in the TimeOff Policy and a TimeOff is booked on the day of accrual, then the accrued TimeOff may exceed the set maximum balance. The application will then deduct TimeOff hours booked on that day from the total balance and show the remaining balance. The application does this adjustment in the background and it will make sure it does not cross the maximum balance defined in the TimeOff Policy.
In the above mentioned scenario, on the same day there is a Timeoff booked hence the application considered 282 hours accrual and deducted 8 hours timeoff booking for the same day and showing the remaining balance as 274 hours which is correct.

This behaviour is as per design. The application is designed to make these adjustments internally so that there is minimal loss of hours to the Web TimeSheet user.

Please follow the steps below to replicate the scenario and understand the behaviour.

  • Login to the Web Timesheet as an administrator.
  • Set up maximum balance for one of the TimeOff Policies e.g. 280 hours.
  • 7 hours are accrued on 1st and 16th of every month.
  • Click on the reports tab and click on Timeoff History report. Run the report and see when it reaches 280 of accrual by changing the date range in the filter.
  • Book TimeOff for 8 hours either the for the 1st or 16th of the month, the day on which the accrued hours crosses 280 hours.
  • In the report, it would show the accrual to be 287, which is more than 280 hours.
  • The application will deduct 8 hours of time off from 287 hours and show the balance as 279 hours (which is less than 280 hours limit).

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