‘TimeSheet is approved’ email notification shows total of 0 hours!

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Web TimeSheet user gets TimeSheet is approved email notification with total hours equals to 0. For example, Web TimeSheet User A's timesheet for 2 July 2012 – 8 July 2012 has been approved.

The following comments were entered: TimeSheet approved
The timesheet contains:
Total Hours Worked: 0

When the actual timesheet is checked, the total hours entered are 42 hours. The billing status of the project for which time has been entered, is set to both.

This usually occurs when Non-Billable hours tag is missing in the body of the email content.
Email notifications are always dependent on email tags. Emails display information depending on what kind of tags are added to the body of the email content. In the above mentioned scenario, only one tag is associated with Total Hours, that is – $BILLABLE. Hence, the e-mail shows Billable hours only, eliminating Non-Billable hours.

Add the Non-Billable hours or Total Hours tag to the body of the e-mail..
Follow the below steps to add Non-Billable hours tag or Total Hours tag along with Total Hours in the content of the email.

  • Login to the Web TimeSheet as an administrator.
  • Click on the Administration tab from the top menu.
  • Click on E-mail notifications located under Communications section in the side menu.
  • Click on the edit icon beside TimeSheet is approved email notification.
  • In the content of the email body, under total hours type one of the following tags.

    • Total hours: $TOTALHOURS or Total hours: $BILLABLE $NONBILLABLE.



  • Save the settings.

A tag is a placeholder for variable information relevant to an e-mail notification. This variable information is typically specific to the recipient or the item (timesheet, expense sheet, or time off booking) to which the notification relates. Different e-mail templates support different tags, depending on the purpose of the e-mail. If a tag is not listed on the Edit Notification template page for a given template, you can't copy it from another template. It will not display the desired data.

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