While transferring expense sheets to QuickBooks, Web TimeSheet Integration Manager for QuickBooks reports the following error.
Expenses did not transfer successfully to QuickBooks.
Possible Reason: Account xxxxxxx . xyz Not present in QuickBooks

The main cause of the issue is the presence of hierarchy for Account and Sub Account in QuickBooks. Expense Account is present in QuickBooks as a Sub- Account. During the integration process the integration manager is not identifying the correct sub-account, hence it reports the above error message. While trying to transfer Expense Description (Account Name) to Account in QuickBooks. Expense description is defined as account name i.e. Account Number: Account Name. This is the reason it is not recognizing the account name in Web TimeSheet Integration Manager for QuickBooks.

To resolve the issue, update the Expense Description to the following format in the Web TimeSheet.
Parent Account Name:Child Account Name
for example Replicon:Parking


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